8 Woolworth Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations Vintage


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8 Woolworth Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations Vintage



A small Woolworth christmas scene decorated card board box for 8 wonderful round
blown glass Christmas tree decorations. These are made from very thin
glass with a variety of mirror effect colours .


Mid to late 1900′s.


Has stamped on some of the metal caps JAPAN.
Has printed on the box side No 5163 A Foreign.

Please note it is not always the original decorations in the original box as the decorations easily got broken, put back into different boxes from one year to the next or favorites collected together over the years.


The box lid is a little squashed & the acetate lid is a little torn.

The mirroring on the globes has gone a bit.
No metal caps & hangers on the globes.

Please check with pictures, any questions please email me.

Size Decorations Average


Size BOX





80g(Not including packing)

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